Original Artwork

for Home, Fashion & Fabrics


Past projects available for viewing.  Over 1,000 designs available for licensing.  Please request access to our restricted portfolio through this link.


Our exclusive line of fabrics printed on premium organic cotton in Los Angeles as well as a US-grown canvas collection. Available by the yard for retail, wholesale, and trade.


Made from our line of fabrics, we offer a line of custom-made clothing as well as the ability to custom create items for your home according to each customer’s preference.

Our Customers

Joseph Abboud - Josi Severson
D.L. Rhein - Josi Severson
Home Accent Fabrics - Josi Severson
Diversitex - Josi Severson
Anthem of the Ants - Josi Severson
Blu Dot - Josi Severson
A Della Dress - Josi Severson
Ava Rose Designs - Josi Severson
Richloom fabrics group
Hammitt - Josi Severson
Crosby Street Studios Josi Severson
crate and barrel josi severson


My artwork begins with a piece of paper and is created using markers, pens, paints, etc. Because of this simple approach I’ve been able to make it almost anywhere: the beach, an airplane, watching tv; there are few places where you can’t take out a sketch pad and draw.

After a design is completed it’s scanned and sent to a customer who then adjusts it according to their own desires which can include scale, color, and details depending on what’s being made.

If we are printing a design ourselves it’s sent to our printer in Los Angeles to be setup into repeat then burned onto a screen.  We use rotary screen printing with inks free of phthalate and plastisols, making them safer for humans and the environment.  After it’s printed the roll of fabric is sent to us, we cut and send out orders from our fabric fulfillment center in Minnesota.

Each finished product made from the fabric is done by local sewers in the Twin Cities.

Our line of fabric laminated goods are made in NY.  They have a unique process of putting fabric in between two sheets of plastic and then mold it into the variety of pieces that we sell.

Nothing that is made is complete without someone being able to enjoy it for their own use.